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We have spent a fair bit of time cruising in the South Pacific aboard our 33 years young 11.1metre yacht, Pastime of Sydney. We are now cruising through the canals and rivers of France on our old barge, "Anja", which was built in the North of the Netherlands in 1903. Anja was 110 years old in May 2013 and we celebrated with good French Champagne- but the boat did not get any! In 2014, for Anja's 111th, we took her back to where she was built in the North of the Netherlands.
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Tragedy in France

Almost a week has passed since the terrible attacks in Paris.

We heard of them quickly because our son-in-law is a journalist and was on duty at the time.

Our hearts go out to all affected by this tragedy. There has been an impact on everyone.

We have come to know the French people and their culture, patrimony, spirit, kindness and other virtues- particularly over the last six years that we have been staying  in France.

We often recall the poignant words of our friend Laurent who in 2010 told us that his was the first generation for several hundred years who had not experienced war in France in his lifetime. We are particularly saddened this has changed so much for him and others. He told us: "....when I woke up this morning, we had been attacked in the night and we were again at war."

We are proud that our own country, Australia, like many other countries, held prayer vigils, lit the public buildings with the colours of the tricolour, held periods of silence and sent our heartfelt condolences. Our Premier said "We are going to find the biggest French flag in the region and place it on the Sydney Harbour Bridge."

So, our own hearts and prayers go out to you, our French cousins and we are sure that all of our readers share the same sentiments. We know that your strengths include the way you work together , your great and strong spirit and your passionate love for your country. These and other strengths will help.

Best Regards,

David and Penelope



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