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Date of this update: 29th September 2016.

Distance from start at Laroche Migennes: 1,652 Km.

  thumb france belgium actual 2016You can click on this map of France and Belgium to see where we are in 2016. Just follow the thickish red line. The planned route is at the bottom of this page.

 Where are we? 

We are on Anja on the River Yonne, back at Evans marine where Anja will rest over the winter. We left from Migennes and now are back there.

Where have we come from and where are we next headed?

We finally got away from Migennes when the serious flooding subsided. We were 17 days late on our schedule and so, have rushed quickly North using the current in the Yonne and Seine rivers to assist. This has got us back onto schedule. We have still been able to visit some new places. However we are very familiar with those areas we have skipped through.

We headed North. We loved the Somme Valley and river a few years ago and returned there this year travelling up and down, 192Kms. We  also re-visited other places on the route. We explored Dunkerque plus Veurne, Fintele, Ypres and the "Trench of Death", which is North of Dixmuide. This top, Western part of Belgium was fascinating and somewhat different from the other parts of Belgium which we have previously visited.

You can see maps of each year's travels below. Just click on a small map to see the bigger picture:

2013 thumb 2012 thumb 2011 thumb 2010 thumb  
2013 in Orange 2012 in black 2011 in Pink 2010 in Red  
2014 netherlands thumb  france 2015 plan  
2014 in Yellow N'lands 2014 grey  2015 in blue  
thumb france belgium 2016 plan      
2016 plan in Mauve      


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