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We have spent a fair bit of time cruising in the South Pacific aboard our 33 years young 11.1metre yacht, Pastime of Sydney. We are now cruising through the canals and rivers of France on our old barge, "Anja", which was built in the North of the Netherlands in 1903. Anja was 110 years old in May 2013 and we celebrated with good French Champagne- but the boat did not get any! In 2014, for Anja's 111th, we took her back to where she was built in the North of the Netherlands.
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Anja's Garden

This year Anja has a garden. Now the front deck is repainted and bike racks are on the stern we have plenty of room to enhance her charm with plants. So before we set off this year we planted geraniums which have rewarded us with a wonderful display.

We also have enhanced our cooking and our salads with thriving chives, thyme, basil, parsley and coriander. I have never been able to grow coriander successfully at home so I am excited by its success. The rocket has been good but is going to seed. However I see new plants growing up in the pots so we won't be without our rocket salads.

It has rained consistently so I haven't needed to water the plants very often. When necessary I can use the canal water which seems to be much valued by the local gardeners, perhaps because it is full of extra fertilisers from rural run- off.

We were careful not to expose our tender garden to the elements before May 10th; we were told that before that date there is a chance of frost, after that it is unlikely in the centre of France. We noticed that planter boxes appeared everywhere after that date. Wherever we went there were new pots full of small plants. The bridges and streets have holders in place and the planter boxes were lifted in, already in bloom. I am taking notes of the prettiest flowers for next year but so far we are very happy with our cheerful geraniums.




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