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Kerr family films (1950 to 1965)

 Kerr family films (1950 to 1965)


Bill was a keen user of his quite old clockwork Kodak 8mm film camera. He took it lots of places and quite a lot of film has survived. He used to hand edit and splice it.


Synopsis of film of Kerr family from late 1951 to late 1954, then short extracts between mid 1957 and early 1965.


Late 1951. Jo's mothers house in Adelaide. David at play, Aunts Frieda and Billie. Gran Ridgway, Rose and Jo. Bill was with RAAF in Malaya (now Malaysia).

Bill's parents house in Melbourne. David on rocking horse, Rose crawling and Bill's mother. Visit to Melbourne Zoo. David. Meaney family.


Dec. 1951. RAAF East Sale Christmas party. David and Rose. Father Xmas in Wirraway. David in Oxford aircraft. House we lived in in East Sale.


Early 1952. East Sale. Jo and children on beach. Weir and scenery including Jo. House at East Sale again. David and Rose. Lake view from front of house. David and friend with lamb. Childrens' party in house garden. David with new pedal car and Rose.


Mid 1952. Adelaide. Frieda with David and Rose at 200. Picnic at Adelaide hills. Jo's aunts Joan, Billie and Mimi plus Rosemary Builder. Rainbow from car returning to East Sale, Near Murray Bridge.


Dec 1952. RAAF East Sale Christmas party. Tour of lake in RAAF air—sea rescue launch and watching speedboat races.


Early 1953. Family at Jo's mothers house in Adelaide. Pauline Ridgway with first son, Mark.


Early 1954. Amberley RAAF Married Quarter. Family visit to Queensland coast.


Oct 1954. Baby Jim and Godparents Proxies: Brian and Joan Fitzgerald at christening. Peter and Helen Raw.


Mid 1957. Bill at sea with RAN during his RAAF Staff College Course. Two aircraft carriers and two escort ships.


Mid 1958. Our RAAF Mt. Waverley Married Quarter.


Dec 1958. Mt. Waverley during heat wave. David, Rose and Jim. Jenny's Christening. John Keith Godfather.


1960. Lyneham, family. Year of arrival in ACT.


1962. Picnic at Lake George. Watching a crop-duster on way home. Rose First Communion at St. Josephs, O'Connor.


Late 1963. Family holiday at Bermagui. Back to Lyneham with visit from Peter Raw. Jenny and Josie in rocker.


1964 . Jenny on rocking horse. This is the same horse David was riding in Melbourne in 1951 after restoration.


1965. Family holiday at Bermagui.


This next section of video is taken from 2 x 20 minute spools of 8mm film. The first spool was in a clear plastic container and the colour has faded. The second spool was in a metal airtight case and the colour is much better preserved.


Mid 1951 Singapore scenes, Chinese funeral, Brigand aircraft at Tengah, No.1 Squadron aircrew doing dinghy drill, house boysOfficers' Mess, lnterservice sports at Tengah and Singapore street & dock scenes.


Late 1952. East Sale RAAF graduation parade.


May 1953. Air race Canberras training at Laverton. Pete Raw, Bill Kerr and Noel Davis. Canberras over Port Phillip Bay, Canberra vapour trail


Sep 1953. 44,000 feet. Raw, Kerr and Davis. Canberras at Cocos Is. and Malta en route to U.K. Trafalgar Square, N.Z. coastline near Christchurch. (Between last two: aircraft lined up at London for start of Air Race.)


March, 1954. Queen and Duke meeting aircrew at Point Cook with Air Race aircraft and Lincoln bombers in the background.


Mid 1954. Amberley. Opening of new swimming pool.


Dec 1954. En route to the K in the Stratheden. Entering Sydney harbour. David and Rose on ship. Neptune with kids crossing the Equator. Ship in Ceylon. Jo, David and Rose in Mother Hubbard's shoe, Colombo. Entrance to Aden. Dave and Rose in children’s sports on ship. Passing through Suez Canal. Approaching Marseilles, David and pilot boat.

Leaving Marseilles harbour.


March 1955. Binbrook, Lincolnshire. Exchange to 101 RAF Squadron. Jo, Dave and Rose in snow. Trevor Owen's wedding. Jim. Bill shovelling snow around Married Quarter. Jim and Rose....................(This ends spool No.1.) Jo, Jim and Rose.


Sep 1955. Farnborough Air Show. First public views of RAF V bombers and new fighter aircraft. Belvoir Castle on outing in Yorkshire.


Mar 1956 Sweetheart Abbey and nearby river where Queen of Scots Crossed. En route from Dumfries to Edinburgh. Scottish scenery with heather in bloom. Edinburgh, commencement of annual Tattoo. Holyroode Castle. Jim at Binbrook. John Keith with family at Binbrook. Jack Bell's Wedding. (Member of crew with Mike Ridgway and Bill). Test match, Nottingham. Mark and Jonathon Ridgway with Kerrs in back yard of Kerr's house, Binbrook. Canberra aircrew. RAF Memorial, Runnymeade. Jim.


Jan 1957 Way home in Orcades. Canary Islands. Bought one of the dolls for Rose. Stop over at Capetown. Sports on ship. Jo and kids on beach. Leave Capetown. Tabletop mountain. Jo and Jim on ship, Dave and Rose in swimming pool.


Mid 1957 Picnic at Healseville with Peter and Helen Raw. Dave, Rose and Jim.



The following three videos contain the two 20 minute segments referenced above. The first of the three has scenes from the Married Quarters at Binbrook towards the end.


Sorry, but unlike all the other videos, you have to wait for these to fully load before the actual playing starts. This can take several minutes.


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