For the past 30 years, Penny has been actively tracing and documenting the Cunliffe, Kerr and related family histories. In March 2016 the Kerr Family History file includes almost 9000  individuals. As all ancestors of both David and Penny arrived in Australia between 1788 and 1865 it has been possible to trace them back to their arrival in Australia. During their trip to Ireland in 2003, Penny and David started to explore the birthplaces of their Irish ancestors.

David's ancestral families so far traced include the Kerr, Scoles, Copley, O'Brien, Donovan, Bergin, Ridgway, Crettenden, Schroder, and Eimer families, most of whom arrived in Australia during the 1840s and 1850s. On Penny's side, there is a longer history which includes some thirteen convict ancestors, and as a result more families have been researched: Cunliffe, Procter, Levingston, Oldfield, Freebody, Cornwell, Jurd, Sheehy, Douglas, Izzard, Scott, Pardoe, Hibbs, Sergeant, Graham, Lock, Hodgetts, and Hickey.

Penny's research got off to a good start with the very valuable research by  parents, now deceased:  Julie, assisted by her late father John Cunliffe and David's mother Jo and his father Bill Kerr. Many people have contributed to the information which appears in the Family Trees.

For privacy reasons, our family trees are not published on this site.

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