We delivered Anja to her winter home on the Yonne River at Migennes without problem. We completed 2,588km this year.

Then it was off to the beautiful St Malo by train where we spent a pleasant day before taking the ferry to Guernsey to visit our latest grandson and his mum.

After Guernsey, we took another ferry to Weymouth, England. We rented a car and travelled for almost 2,000kms visiting Cornwall and other places. David returned to the place (Binbrook) where he lived for two years on the air force base and revisited the school he attended nearby 60 years ago. We also visited the place where his Ridgway ancestors lived prior to the 1800s and discovered the grave of his great, great, great grandfather who was born in the 1750s.

We had an uneventful trip home until our arrival in Sydney at the start of a massive storm. We had to circle for 35mins but once we landed were not able to move due to the danger to ground staff. We sat there on the runway for a further one and a half hours. Finally, the Captain gave up and brought the 777 into the gate with no outside assistance.

Immigration was quick, but because of the dangerous conditions, baggage could not be unloaded. So, we spent a further one and a half hours sitting on the side of the baggage carousel. Customs would not let anyone out without their bags and the airport would not let the bags be removed from the 'plane! Finally, Customs gave in and we were allowed out of the airport at midnight without our bags. That was Tuesday night and now, Saturday morning, the bags have still not arrived.

Best Regards,

Dave and Penny